Sunnyvale hates commuters – so Sunnyvale, I hate you back!

May 14, 2012

I am currently sitting at the northbound Caltrain waiting area. I missed my train, again. It will be an hour before another northbound train arrives. Sunnyvale Caltrain Station

So you would think that I would be mad at Caltrain because they have a lousy schedule, especially at mid-day. But that would be pointless, since Caltrain does not control its own funding. For that, I’m mostly annoyed at Santa Clara County.

Nope, today I am mad at Sunnyvale. For the past decade, they have been tearing up their downtown area and redo-ing it. It’s a never-ending disaster of a project. For years, it wasn’t a big problem for me, since I don’t live there. But then I started commuting to San Francisco; my nearest station is Sunnyvale. Until two years ago, there was adequate car parking within a block of the Caltrain station – but then Sunnyvale demolished at least 50 spaces. They also didn’t bother to put signage up that would direct you to other parking. After months of frustration with this, I decided that I would drive to Palo Alto and commute from there.

But of course, I would really prefer to ride my bicycle to the train station – it’s healthier, greener, blah blah blah. And I do try. But of course with the roads torn up a different way every week and all the lights messed up, I keep getting caught for 10 minutes when I least expect it. Now the lights near the train station don’t allow certain turns when trains are approaching. Great. This is the third time I’ve gotten to watch my train go by in the last month.

Goodbye Sunnyvale. I’ll miss Dish Dash the most, but I will be happier if I never come to Sunnyvale again. I can ride my bike to the Mountain View station. It’s farther, but I am in shape for it. And I’m not coming here by car any more either, just for spite. So a big raspberry right back to you!!